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School bullying is unacceptable and intolerable. Brenda Popplewell has held schools accountable when they have failed in their duty to prevent bullying and to protect their students. Bullying not only compromises the overall learning goals of educational environments, it threatens a student's right to attend classes on school campuses that are safe. School bullying is preventable when school officials choose to address it rather than ignore it or refuse to intervene when it occurs.

Discrimination, in any form, including school bullying should never be tolerated and we are ready to help families through supportive legal help. Every student has the right to attend school and feel safe.

Students with Special Needs

Brenda believes that all individuals are entitled to lives of dignity in accordance with their wishes and individual capabilities. Brenda has experience representing students with special needs, and is committed to assisting students with special needs and their families.

We can help you navigate the system, and understand your child’s legal rights. Our goal is to empower families with the tools they need to advocate for their loved ones—to ensure that schools fulfill their state and federal legal duty of providing a free and appropriate education to every child.

We protect student rights.

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